How do I turn on first-party cookies in Adsense?

Adsense first-party cookies options. Where do I enable first-party cookies in Adsense? I can’t find where to turn on the new Adsense cookie! How to enable first-party cookies in Google Adsense?

A cookie is a small textile stored on a computer to track or save settings for web pages.

What’s the difference between first and third-party cookies?

First party cookies

These cookies are stored directly by the website you are visiting. They allow statistics, analytics data, remember individual options until the next visit, and can save preferred language settings, etc. You can see your own cookie settings for on this page.

Third-party cookies

External actors like an ad network create these files. Third-party cookies can be stored on your computer but accessed by any website you visit, which results in “ads following you around on the internet.”

How do I enable first-party cookies in Adsense?

You get a message in Adsense about the new option to enable first-party cookies, but no instructions for how to actually do it!

You need to start googling it, and eventually, you find some answers in the Adsense forum or on a blog like this one. You would have expected it to be presented as an option on the front page or an easy slider below the info message, or at least a link to where the choice is located, but no, no help is provided. 

It’s buried really deep down in the site structure. I looked through all the main options and pages and couldn’t find it. So chances are many others struggle with this too.

The solution to Adsense first-party setting

Look on the left menu in Adsense. Click on Blocking controls, then Content, then All sites. On the page that is displayed, look at the bottom left region where you will find the Ad serving box. Click on that and finally, you enter the page where you have the option to enable first-party cookies.

On this page, you can also change settings for User-based ads, Display ads, Animated ads, and VPAID ads.

This is how you find and turn on first-party cookies in Google Adsense:

I hope that helped you with the Adsense first-party cookie problem!

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