How to get rid of a bee or wasp

The first instinct for most at first sight of a bee or wasp is to swat it away. If you have any sweet goodies around you such as fruit, fizzy drinks, chocolate, or ice cream then you are inviting bees and wasps to keep you company!

When the bees and wasps come to keep you company, how do you get rid of them? Do you flap around and yell at them, or do you use a swat? The bees or wasps are only after the sweet goodies. If you don’t swat at them, they will have no reason to sting you. Hard as it may be, keeping still will keep you from being stung as the bees or wasps will be on their way shortly. Bees are much better at detecting moving objects than stationary ones. When you sit still the bee will just ignore you. If, however, patience is not your strong suit, then you should consider gently brushing away the bee or wasp with a piece of paper when it lands on your skin.

Wasps love color, they may not notice the color red (bees base their colors on ultraviolet light, blue and green), but if you happen to wear white or yellow, or purple, then you could be inviting them near you! The scent you give off may also attract them. You may want to use that body splash, perfume, or aftershave sparingly if you don’t wish to have wasps following you around for your sweet scent!

Best ways to make bees and wasps go away

Let’s have a look at natural ways to get rid of bees or wasps:

If wasps or bees are becoming a nuisance in your home then there are a few things you can do to get rid of them or at least reduce their numbers.

  • Wasps can’t stand certain smells such as wormwood, mint, and eucalyptus. Introducing such smells will help get rid of them. Be careful with wormwood though as it is poisonous! You may also use certain insect repellants to help get rid of the wasps.
  • When it comes to bees, you should know the type of bees you are dealing with before attempting to get rid of them. For example, honey bees are best relocated if you don’t want them around. Carpenter bees don’t like the smell of citrus and can easily be scared away with some loud music and vibrations. Rumor has it Metallica works especially well 🙂
  • If you are worried about bees or wasps invading your home then you should consider patching up any cracks around the house. Patch up the windows screens and ensure that you don’t keep any sweet food lying around. Properly seal your waste bins.
  • Make use of a fake nest to help get rid of wasps or bees near your home. The fake nest will tell the wasps that they may be invading other wasps’ territory and so they need to keep it moving! At least in theory and according to manufacturers of fake nests, but the science is weak on this method. Wasps will not perceive a paper bag as a nest according to experts.

In the unfortunate incident that you are stung then you should wash off the affected area with soap and water. Scrape off the stinger with your fingernail or with gauze-never with tweezers and never squeeze the stinger. Make use of ice to help reduce the swelling and avoid scratching as this will only increase the itching or swelling and may also result in an infection. 

Did you know that bees are more closely related to ants than to wasps?

Hence, the tricks and tips used to keep ants away may also work for bees.

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