AI-friendly music distributor

You now have the opportunity to get a 25% discount on music distribution with Symphonic.

Did I mention that Symphonic is AI-friendly?
Yes, they are one of the few distributions that accept music created in whole or part with AI.

If you’re in a hurry, just scan the QR code here:

Most of you will probably want a little more info before signing up. Let me give you a quick introduction to the benefits of distributing music with Symphonic.

Get your music to over 200+ music service providers

Get your music on streaming services illustration.

Symphonic empowers you to retain 100% of your royalties while offering more tools and analytics than any other distributor. They support your music growth, handle royalty collection, and manage payment splits, all while ensuring you maintain full rights to your music.

With this service you don’t just get your music on 3 or 4 different streaming services, in fact with Symphonic your music will be like a Tsunami flooding over 200+ music service providers.

Of course, you also keep 100% of Royalties.

AI-friendly music distributor

I had to ask around a lot and send emails to many major streaming services before I found someone willing to accept my AI-generated music. I created a whole album with the aid of Suno and Udio, then edited and improved the songs in Garageband on my Mac. But when I finally was ready to release my album the door was shut at iMusician which I’ve used over the recent years. I had to supply them with an invoice from Suno to prove I had the commercial rights to distribute music created with that AI music generator. For Udio you are allowed to do this even with a free account. But it didn’t help, after a while iMusician’s legal department came back and said no to AI music. And it was not easy to find someone else that wanted to distribute my new album, which I’ve been working so hard on. My mailbox was filled with replies like “Sorry Sir, no AI music”.

Symphonic has a more relaxed attitude on this. I mean,

if you refuse music created with AI, then you would have to take down all the 80:s music made with drum machines and programmed Synthesizers as well, in my humble opinion. 

AI is just a tool just like any other instrument. And it will drastically increase your productivity and enable people who are not experts on all parts of producing a song to create professional tracks. 

But of course, there is always a flip side to a coin. There is a risk that streaming services will be saturated with AI-generated content. But there has never been a shortage of people standing in line to make it in the music industry…

The competition has always been fierce, and people will still listen to human-created music because of the emotional connection and go to concerts to watch real people perform their music. 

From my perspective, AI is just like an advanced drum machine that creates sounds for your music. You will still need to do A LOT of work with a track before you get it just the way you want it, with or without the aid of AI.

Benefits of using Symphonic for music distribution

  • Unparalleled analytics that surpass the competition
  • With Symphonic you will increase your music revenues on TikTok, YouTube, SoundCloud, Facebook, and Instagram and collect royalties from other user-generated content platforms.
  • One of my favorite features is seeing which songs get added to others’ Spotify queues through Release Radar
  • Additionally, you can view a detailed breakdown of TikTok plays, revealing which of your tracks users are incorporating into their own videos.

Their elegant overview page provides a convenient way to see what portion of your revenue comes from different platforms like YouTube Music and Spotify, and how it evolves over time. I’ve never encountered such detailed stats and analytical functions with any other distributors I’ve used.

Symphonic vs Other services

How does this music distributor compare to other music upload services?

Ready to join Symphonic?

Simply scan the QR code on your screen or click the link below to enjoy a 25% discount on music distribution. Don’t miss out on this exclusive offer!

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