Mac Numbers: How to count the total number of words in a spreadsheet

Mac Numbers word counter. How do you calc the number of words in Numbers? What is the best way to count words in Apple Numbers? How do you get an accurate word count for a spreadsheet? How to count the number of chars in a spreadsheet? Where is the option to calculate the number of characters in Apple Numbers on Macintosh?

The easiest solution is to NOT USE Mac Numbers at all to count the number of words in a doc. The reason is there is no automatic menu option available in Mac Numbers to estimate the total number of terms automatically for you. It’s insane, but that is the fact.

Maybe you are a freelance translator, and quickly need to be able to determine the word count in a spreadsheet on Mac, to be able to give or reply to a proposal from a client.

How do you get an accurate count of a table or spreadsheet?

I’ve had this problem myself many times. You can try to use COUNTIF and similar functions in Mac Numbers to get a crude word count. But what if you need a convenient tool to quickly assess the number of words in a spreadsheet with multiple columns, pages, and sheets? It would be cumbersome to add a formula below EVERY COLUMN to count the number of words, and you would need a custom-made formula to capture the REAL NUMBER OF WORDS accurately.

The solution is counterintuitive: Use an external tool.

My standard option to count words in both Excel and Mac Numbers is to upload the file to the translation tool Smartcat. With the aid of the statistics tool in this software, I can get a very accurate word count even for complicated spreadsheets.

Download Smartcat here:

How to see stats in Smartcat

This is how you count words in Mac Numbers with the Smartcat translation tool.

  1. Create a project to be able to count words in the file.
Create project for word count
Create a project for word count

2. Upload the file to Smartcat

upload the spreadsheet to be calculated
Upload the spreadsheet to be calculated

3. Jump forward here by clicking next.

Just click NEXT
Just click NEXT on this screen

4. We will not translate this file, but to get to the statistics tool we need to set up a dummy project and select TO and FROM languages. Then click on the FINISH button in the bottom right of the screen.

Create a word count project
Create a word count project

5. Now click on the STATISTICS tab in the menu, marked with a red circle.

Word count statistics
Click on STATISTICS in the menu to see word count statistics

6. Smartcat will start calculating statistics for the file, this can take a while depending on your file size and the number of words in the spreadsheet.

Calculating words and characters in the doc
Calculating words and characters in the spreadsheet

7. Finally you will be able to see full statistics for the file or spreadsheet. You can also see the number of characters and even an estimation of how many standard pages this corresponds to given the total number of words.

Word counter statistics
Word counter statistics

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