Earn commission on the sales when translating other peoples’ books

If you are a translator or an author who knows a second language, you can earn extra money by translating books written by other people.

I’m not just talking about salary for the translation. You can even earn money from THE SALES of the books you TRANSLATE. Yes, it’s true. This is called revenue sharing.

Authors can translate their books for free; the translator gets nothing or only a small symbolic fee. And then both the author and the translator earn money when the book sells.

Revenue sharing on books

This revenue sharing option is offered by Tektime, which currently has 21000+ translators, 3773 authors, and 6403 books in their system.

Now, you may be thinking. OK, but then there will be many low-skilled authors writing crappy books and getting them translated for free. Well, there’s a built-in system that prevents crap from flooding the system. This is because the author actually gets 75% of the sales up to € 1000. The author only gets 15%; hence there is an incitement for the author to only translate books that will, or are likely to, sell well.

Just look at this table. This is how much you get as a translator for translating books:

Translator commission on book translations

Look in the Translator-column, this is how much you will make from the books you translate

It’s frankly amazing. As a translator, you don’t even need to write any books, and you don’t need to handle the distribution or administration, you don’t need to make a cover for the book or artwork. The only thing you need to do is translate books written by other people, and then earn royalties when these books are sold!

With this system, you can “publish” many books in different genres and make a lot of money from them, without having to come up with stories or something worthwhile to tell yourself. This is a fantastic opportunity for translators the earn significant passive income streams in the long run.

Let’s say you translated a book about chess from English (Chess) to Italian (Scacchi). On all sales of the Italian book, you will get 75% of the revenue up to 1000 Euro. That is 750 Euro for translating a book, and it’s just the beginning.

Imagine what had happened if you had been the one translating the Harry Potter books? Can you imagine how much you would have made from the sales of those books? 🙂

How do I make money by translating books?

Without further ado, you need to check out this opportunity here:

Translate books and earn a commission from the sales

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