How to make windows, doors, and drawers open more easily

Stuck drawer. Are your windows stuck? Are your wooden doors hard to open? How to open stuck doors? What can I do to open stuck drawers more easily? What should I apply to open old wooden windows which are cemented? Why are old wooden doors so hard to open and close? How do I get rid of the squeaking sound from doors and windows? What is the best trick to open swollen windows? How to open a jammed casket? How to make windows slide easier? What is the best way to lubricate doors and windows in old houses?

An easy trick to make stuck drawers open

It can be quite annoying when drawers won’t open or are really difficult to open. It can vary with temperature and season, especially in old houses. But there is a swift, cheap, and convenient remedy for this common problem – olive oil. Yes, the universal solution for lubricating just about anything, and it’s been with us since the beginning of civilization.

How to open jammed drawers? Use olive oil!

Open old wooden windows more easily

How to open a stuck window more easily?

Apply richly with olive oil on a paper and then smear the oily paper around the edges of the window. It’s almost like magic, the window will open and close very smoothly and quietly, especially if you apply some olive oil on the hinges as well!

If you have windows that run on tracks, don’t use any kind of oil since it will attract dust and garbage and will eventually become harder to slide than ever before.

How to open stuck doors

Howto open a stuck door?
What can be done about jammed wooden doors?

In my old house from like the 1870:s, there are some ancient wooden doors, and the whole house has been bent, skewed, twisted, contorted, stooped, and wilted over the years.

Different parts of the building have sunk down a bit while others have remained on the same level leading to a distortion of the whole structure; this effect is also transcended to the doors. Small changes in the angles make doors hard or even impossible to close.

As long as the door still fits in the rectangular opening, you can apply the same solutions as mentioned above for windows – olive oil. This affordable substance will make a significant difference to your old doors. Suddenly they will open and close with ease and rub some on the hinges too, and you will get rid of that annoying squeaking sound.

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