Corona cure – Swedish scientists have found a cure!

Researchers at Karolinska Institute for infectious epidemiology has found a successful way to completely cure Corona-patients.

The study is lead by professor Joakim Dillner and his early study on 25 patients proved that giving blood plasma from recovered covid19-patients cured current Corona patients completely. Within one day, the sick patients were completely free of the virus. The Swedish Radio news program Ekot first reported the breakthrough 20 hours before this publication.

The study’s earliest findings indicate that if you have the virus in your blood and are given blood plasma with neutralizing antibodies, you are healthy already the next day. Incredibly fast cure. This means severely ill patients in respirators and even very old people could be cured within one day before they run out of time and die. This is precisely what the world and economy need.

However, the method is not very efficient at the moment. Several bags of blood plasma from earlier infected and recovered covid19-patients is often needed to cure a patient. But it is possible to give new blood plasma until the patient is ultimately virus-free. The only downside is to get enough blood plasma from recovered people. One donation can give enough plasma to cure up to three sick people.

Professor Dillner tells us that we have very little to give to covid19 patients as of today, this breakthrough gives us a viable method to actually cure people of the disease.

Very positive news, indeed!

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